Frequently Asked Questions

  • Now that we have signed the sale contract, what are the necessary steps we must take before we move into our home?
    The first step is to contact your lender to obtain financing for your new home. Secondly, you will select cabinets, fixture selections, and paint colors for your new home. Once, the color selections have been finalized and you have had your pre-construction meeting, then construction starts.
  • We do not purchase a new home everyday. Are there any items with which we should be most concerned?
    Misunderstanding the process of a new home buildout can cause problems. Extra steps are taken to keep open the lines of communication and for the mutual understanding of the construction purpose. Strict adherence to building codes is mandated by all muncipalities. Be assured that the construction of your new home is in compliance with the latest requirements. But it is really up to you, the customer, to make us aware of the areas and issues that are important to you as early in the process as possible.
  • How does condominium ownership differ from single family ownership?
    The term "condominium" refers to a form of property ownership, which consists of individual ownership of each Unit plus an undivided interest in the so-called "Common Areas".
  • As a condominium owner, do I need insurance?
    Yes, you will need to contact your insurance agent to insure the contents of your home and to provide liablility protection against incidents that might occur within your home. If you have purchased upgrades items(i.e. upgrade cabinets, countertops, etc.) Through Roca Properties or added them on your own, the costs of these improvements should also be added to your policy.
  • What will our taxes be?
    Your sales associate can provide you with our estimate based on the experience with the Assessor's Office. New Madrid County Assessor's Office provides a formula in which the taxes are assessed and they can give you the then current published tax rate.
  • I am not used to a condo fee, what does the condo fee include?
    The condo fee is used for common area building and maintenance. Building and maintenance items would be elevator repair, garage maintenance, building insurance, window washing, common area heating and cooling maintenance, fire protection, trash hauling, common area gas, water and sewer. The fee also pays fpr landscraping, pool maintenance and upkeep(if applicable).
  • So, as a condominium homeowner, what will I be responsible for?
    You will be responsible for your own home utility services such as: electric, phone, television, and Internet connections.

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